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AOSWA (Asia Oceania Space Weather Alliance) was established in March 2010 at the Kick-Off Meeting in Bandung, Indonesia. The main objectives of this alliance are for encouraging cooperation and sharing information among institutes in Asia-Oceania region concerned with and interested in space weather. Asia-Oceania has become one of the most important regions for space utilities and require close communication and cooperation. There are 14 associate countries and 30 institutes involved in this alliance, including Indonesia with LAPAN as the single node.

After more than 7 years of its establishment, AOSWA has already held several meetings and workshops. The 4th AOSWA Workshop held in Jeju, Korea, in October 2016 became the latest meeting which was attended by 131 participants from 16 countries. The main theme for the workshop was the risk of space weather, regional action.

This year, LAPAN will be the host of The 5th AOSWA Workshop. Various issues related to space weather research and operation rise these years and become the epicentrum of growing discussions. Starting from the core characteristics and behaviour of the Sun which is currently entering (grand) minima of its activity cycle, spreading to the propagation of particles and energy through interplanetary space and field, reaching the operational aspects of space weather and space climate predictions, the 5th AOSWA Workshop is expected as a hub for science dissemination, information sharing, idea exchange, and collaboration. Another important issues such as UNISPACE+50 will also be addressed.

The theme of the 5th AOSWA Workshop is
to meet, to connect and to foster for better living in space

The ultimave objective of this workshop is to encourage cooperation and sharing information related to space weather research and operation.


The 5th AOSWA Workshop 19-21 September 2018 Bandung, Indonesia Press Release(indonesian). 



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