Venue Information


The Opening Ceremony and the following course programme of ISELION 2018 will be held at Assessment Center Building, National Institute of Public Administration (LAN), Jatinangor, West Java, located about 40 km westward of Bandung City [here]. Jatinangor is a small town where several universities are located. Just in the front of the venue, there is a famous Kiara Payung Jatinangor Campsite where various outbound facilities could be found with hills natural panorama scenery view.

The data analysis hands-on activity will be conducted in  Sumedang Space and Atmospheric Observatory, LAPAN. 

How to reach Bandung

As one of big city in Indonesia, Bandung can be reached from many other cities in Indonesia, even from another country. Malaysia, Singapore has regular international flight to Bandung. Besides international flight, Bandung's Hussein Sastranegara Airport also serve flights to and from other major cities in Indonesia, like Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Denpasar, Medan, Sampit, etc. Bandung can be reached by car or travel bus connection from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport within 3 hours (estimated by 200 kms direct highway). Direct train from Jakarta Gambir station to Bandung station is also available. More Bandung Information / Fast Facts and Orientation :

  • » Country: Indonesia / Island of Java
  • » Location: West Java
  • » Status: city / provincial capital of West Java
  • » Area: approximately 65 square miles / 168 square kilometres
  • » Population: approximately 2.8 million
  • » Language: Indonesian and Sundanese
  • » Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • » Time zone: UTC +7
  • » Country dialling code: +62
  • » Telephone area code: 022
  • » Average daily Bandung January temperature: 28 °C / 82 °F
  • » Average daily Bandung July temperature: 30 °C/ 86 °F